Advanced Features

More advanced teaching and learning features of KEY:

  • Annotations on special items in Chinese text, including the marking of grammatical structures
  • Timed reading: KEY creates interactive dynamic lessons from static Chinese text
  • Authoring of teaching materials: KEY creates a multi-lesson textbook with incremental vocabulary lists
  • Vocabulary statistics: KEY generates comprehensive statistics for your lesson files
  • Cloze exercises: KEY automatically carets a fill-in-the-blanks exercise
  • Cantonese fully supported: Yale, Jyutping, Govt. Standard, and Sidney Lau transcriptions
  • Save in HTML format to publish your Chinese web page in UTF-8, Big Five or GB
  • Japanese and Korean word processing capabilities included
  • Linguistic reconstruction for Chinese text copied from outside sources
  • Copy & paste between KEY and other applications (e.g. MS Office), including tables

New Features:

  • NEW IN 2015: Digraphia export – create a browser-readable Pinyin/Hanzi file in HTML format. Publish your Chinese text in Pinyin with a built-in Hanzi tool tip for easy comprehension.
  • Pinyin Proofing (PP) assistance: with pinyin text displayed, pressing the PP button on the toolbar will colour the background of ambiguous pinyin passages blue; right-clicking on such a blue-background pinyin passage will display the available options
  • Copy Special: a highlighted Chinese character passage can be copied & pasted automatically in various permutations
  • Improved number-measureword system: it now works with Chinese-character, pinyin and Arabic numerals
  • Showing different tones through coloured characters (Language menu under Preferences)