Your key to written
and spoken Chinese
( Japanese and Korean included )



Designed for teachers and learners
© Copyright 2020 by S., P. Leimbigler, W. McKee and W. Zhang.
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Features of KEY

  • Icon driven user interface with redesigned toolbars
  • Interactive Web Publishing: (Non-ambiguous Pinyin Publishing with background digraphia, browser-readable HTML files) The KEY system automatically generates the HTML version of any Chinese text according to your publishing specifications.
  • English, French and Chinese user interface
  • Draw mode where you can draw lines to emphasize text
  • Easy Chinese text entry though standard Pinyin, Zhuyin Fuhao or Radical/Stroke
  • TTS (Text To Speech) system reads Chinese text in standard Putonghua
  • Automatic adding of Pinyin with tone marks to any Chinese character text
  • Complete analysis of Chinese Web text as authentic learning/teaching material
  • Support for both traditional & simplified (fanti & giant) characters
  • Accurate bidirectional conversion between fanti and jianti text
  • Recently updated C/E dictionary of 300,000 terms
  • fanti/jianti correspondence at a glance: 25,000 Chinese characters
  • automatic compliance with the standard in Pinyin orthography
  • number/measure-word combinations with automatic translation
  • as an option, tone changes (sandhi) reflected in Pinyin

Continued under Advanced Features


KEY5 Software is available by special request from:

Email: risingsun@msn.com